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Agenda 2022

-- Thursday, 6th of October --

08:30-10:00 Breakfast & Networking

10:00-11:50 "Leadership Team Alignment for Sustainability"

Georgia Kartsanis

Founder & President, CEO Clubs Greece

11:50-12:10 Coffee & Networking Break

12:10-14:00 "ESG Risk Management & Governance"

Michael Spanos

Founder & CEO, Global Sustain

14:00-15:00 Lunch & Networking

15:00-17:00 "New Skills for Activating Climate Change and ESG Strategies"

Sharon Jackson

Founder & Director, European Sustainability Academy

19:00-21:00 Cocktail & Dinner Reception (for speakers and sponsors only)

-- Friday, 7th of October--

08:30-09:00 Welcome Coffee & Registrations

09:00-09:30 "ESG Assessment and Performance: The Global Sustain Rating"

Michael Spanos

Founder & CEO, Global Sustain

09:30-10:00 "ESG Due Diligence and Risk Management for Corporates, SMEs and Project Finance"

Robert Adamczyk

ESG Advisor, Associate Director, ESG Focal Point and Sector Lead, Heavy Industry and Power, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

10:00-10:30 "Financing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy"

Simone Utermarck

Director, Sustainable Finance, International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

10:30-11:00 Coffee & Networking Break

11:00-11:30 "Clean Operations for Climate Protection"

Dimitris Stamatiou

Operations Director, DHL Express Hellas

11:30-12:00 "Energy and Emissions Management in Banks"

Pakis Papademetriou

Head of ESG Division, Eurobank

12:00-12:30 "A Roadmap for ESG Integration in Banks"

Dimitris Kazazoglou-Skouras

Head of Governance and Sustainability, Alpha Bank

12:30-13:30 Lunch & Networking Break

13:30-14:00 "A Circular Economy Case Study"

Lefteris Havouzis

General Manager, Lino S.A.

14:00-14:30 "Certifying Sustainability"

Ioannis Kallias

CEO, TÜV Austria Hellas

14:30-15:00 "DESFA ESG Strategy: The Next Day"

Anastasia Chatziantoniou

Communications & CSR Senior Manager, Desfa

15:00-15:30 "Coffee & Networking Break"

15:30-16:00 "Thriving People - Sustainable Business"

Katerina Triviza

General Manager, Thrive Global Greece

16:00-16:30 "ESG Investing is Dead! Long live ESG Data!"

Matt Patsky

CEO, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management

16:30-17:00 "Lead-up to COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt"

Dr. Ehab Shalaby

Co-Founder & CEO, Dcarbon Egypt

17:00-17:30 "Sustainable and Resilient Cities. The Case of the City of Athens"

Christos Tentomas

Deputy Mayor, Climate Change and Greening, Municipality of Athens

17:30-18:30 Cocktail Reception & Networking


Based in Athens, with offices in London, Berlin, Brussels and Cairo, Global Sustain offers innovative online and off-line services in matters related to sustainable development, including but not limited to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics & excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability.


The advantageous location at the heart of the famous Plaka district of Electra Palace Athens provides visitors with privileged access to prime landmarks and the bustling life of the city center -while offering splendid isolation in the arms of sweet indulgence.


Deepen your understanding of ESG, circular economy, green finance and business responsibility with us to drive long-term and ESG positive profits for your company.


Experience the countless dining options offered, coming from different cuisines, or relax in one of the many signature bars available on-site.


Recognizing that global economic environment is fragile, we are determined to stay focused on ensuring a sustainable future for our business and at the same time continue to operate with a clear vision and adapt to new global demands and challenges.

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