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Since 2006, Global Sustain provides a wide range of services and solutions to support its members and clients succeeding triple bottom line results. The Company’s mission is to create knowledge, inspire and support companies and organizations in sustainability, through consulting, communication, networking and education, with a focus on the tripartite people – environment – profit.

Based in Athens, with offices in London, Berlin, Brussels and Cairo, Global Sustain offers innovative online and off-line services in matters related to sustainable development, including but not limited to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics & excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability.

Global Sustain considers corporate responsibility and sustainability as the primary focus of all companies and investors, regardless of the size, sector and/or location in which they operate. Its members include companies, corporations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, international organizations, public bodies, municipalities, academic and educational institutions, media, professional unions and chambers, associations, think tanks and various bodies of the public and private sector.

The concepts of corporate responsibility and sustainability permeate every function of Global Sustain. The company collaborates, participates and is a member of international organizations, such as UN Global Compact, UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Social Value International, Institute of Directors (IOD), CEO Clubs International, Chartered Banker Institute, TCFD, Your Directors Club, etc.

Global Sustain is committed to growing with a solid sense of responsibility and become an innovator and a catalyst for change. Recognizing that global economic environment is fragile, the Company is determined to stay focused on ensuring a sustainable future for our business and at the same time continue to operate with a clear vision and adapt to new global demands and challenges.