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Workshop #2.2: Capacity building ‘magic’ for sustainable enterprise

Trainer: Sharon Jackson, Founder & Director, European Sustainability Academy (ESA)


To introduce a ‘box’ of energizing ‘tricks’ and techniques for dealing with the reality of developing sustainable enterprise.

Target group

  • CSR and sustainability managers with authority over and above reporting functions.
  • CSR and sustainability managers who WANT to grow their level of authority over and above reporting functions.
  • HR professionals with an interest in empowering people to embed sustainability in organizations.
  • Managers struggling with sustainability intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship projects.

Training Results

  • Gaining new, refreshing and ‘magical’ insights in to how to engage people and build capacity with less effort.
  • How to use a practical tool- kit of ‘tricks’.
  • A first level experience of applying ‘capacity building ‘magic’ to a real business challenge.

Required knowledge

  • Academic knowledge – some knowledge of Organization Culture and Organizational Change theories would be useful but not essential.
  • Work experience- Mid and top level management in organizations or business ownership.

Please bring a real example of a current ‘capacity building’ challenge in your organisation.

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction – What is ‘capacity’ in a sustainable enterprise?
  • Examples of ‘Abracadabra’.
  • The things that make good ‘magic’ go wrong.
  • EXERCISE: Selecting the best ‘tricks’ for the right audience.
  • Defining your unique magic formula.