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Workshop #2.2: Sustainability Strategy from A-Z

Trainer: Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain Group Mission

The mission of this workshop is to provide knowledge and best practice from world-leading organisations on how to design a sustainability strategy. Corporations now change their business models from results-driven to purpose driven and this creates a need for a concrete, thorough and robust sustainability strategy.

Target group

Sustainability Professionals, meaning practitioners who perform activities related to environmental, economic or social sustainability.

Training Results

As a result of the session, participants will have a clear overview of main points and intelligence on how to develop a sustainability strategy in their companies and organisations, based on real examples of leading practice. Examples from several sectors will be presented.

Required knowledge

This session requires experience and knowledge in strategy development and business processes. Cross-functional experience in also desirable.

Draft Agenda

Designing a Sustainability Strategy:

1. Vision/Mission/Values
2. Corporate (Organizational) Governance
3. Strategic Pillars
4. Market Positioning
5. Stakeholder Identification and Engagement
6. Benchmarking to peers
7. Market trends
8. KPIs
9. Action Plan