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Workshop #2.1: Sustainability Innovation – Walking the Talk

Trainer: Dr. Tim Lindsey, President & CEO, Highlander Innovation


Actively engage and educate participants on the “how-to” aspects of implementing more sustainable innovations in complex organizations and cultures.

Target group

  • Leaders interested in effective approaches to driving change.
  • Innovators interested in identifying and implementing more sustainable innovations.

Training Results

Participants will learn hands-on techniques for becoming an effective sustainability Change Agent in their organizations, including:

  • Principles for identifying and implementing innovations that improve sustainability performance.
  • Techniques for making sustainability innovations compatible with existing culture and priorities.
  • How-to effectively engage diverse interests (e.g. product developers, production managers, marketers, Human resource professionals, accountants, procurement professionals, etc.) on improving sustainability performance.

Required knowledge

  • Experience with working within complex organizations and their stakeholders.

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction-What makes some innovations more sustainable than others?
  • Principles of sustainable innovation
  • System optimization exercise
  • Case study examples of sustainable innovation
  • Making sustainability compatible with diverse interests and culture