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Plenary session #2: Integrated Reporting – solution to global business challenges

Trainer: Neil Stevenson, Managing Director, Global Implementation, International Integrated Reporting Council


To provide an update on Integrated Reporting, including the momentum being created around the world. To provide examples of how organisations are adopting <IR> and related benefits.

Target group

This session will be relevant to people who have a good understanding of reporting processes in their organisations and those who are seeking to maximize its relevance and impact.

Training Results

As a result of the session, participants will have a clear overview of developments in <IR>, its fit with global developments, and obtain a good overview of adoption, based on examples of leading practice.

Required knowledge

  • Academic knowledge
  • Work experience

Overall this session will best suit those who have professional backgrounds in strategy, reporting, sustainability or strategic/investor communications/relations. It will be especially relevant to reporting leaders/managers who have a direct influence on reporting practices in the organization.

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Multi-capitalism and value creation
  • Why <IR> is helping organisations to think more holistically and enhance communications to investors and others
  • Benefits of <IR> to the organisation and to investors
  • Examples of leading practice in <IR> and reporting challenges