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Workshop #2.3: Public affairs & sustainability strategies for growth. Adapt or fail?

Trainers: Sebastian Fairhurst, Head of Public Policy Germany, Santander Consumer Bank AG &

Yannis Salavopoulos, Managing Director, Global Sustain GmbH & Group Head Int. Affairs


Help audience to understand & learn the added value and the connection between public/corporate affairs & sustainability, how they could interact effectively & learn how to use public affairs in sustainability matters & vice versa in order to contribute to corporate growth from a strategic but also a market driven view using case studies.

Training results

Help audience to understand & learn how to use public affairs strategies, process & tools at the design of the corporate sustainability strategy & actions, especially at company stakeholders’ engagement actions, strategic sustainability communication and why the combination & right interaction of the two is critical for the corporate governance & compliance as well as for corporate growth. Which are the risks for the corporate performance if that is not understood & implemented? At the workshop a number of case studies & examples, especially from Santander, will be illustrated.

Workshop Format

Interactive discussion among the trainers & between trainers & audience.

Required knowledge

  • Academic Knowledge
  • Work Experience

Draft agenda

  • Introduction to the topic
  • What is the connection between Public Affairs & Sustainability?
  • Why there is a trend for sustainability as topic to belong to public affairs departments, especially at multinational companies?
  • Why & how should Public Affairs officers & Sustainability officers interact & cooperate more with each other?
  • How can the use of public affairs strategies, processes, tools & actions can bring added value to the design of sustainability strategy & vice versa?
  • Why is the right interaction between public affairs & sustainability critical for corporate governance & compliance?
  • How can the combination of public affairs & sustainability help a better design & implementation of stakeholder relations strategy & plan?
  • How can the interaction of the two aspects contribute to better corporate performance & growth?
  • How can a company become more innovative & profitable by using public affairs & sustainability in a more innovative way?
  • Market & practice driven approach
  • Use of case studies & examples
  • Examine how Santander successfully implements public affairs for the benefit of sustainability & vice versa
  • Interactive presentation of the trainers
  • Interactive Q&A with audience