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Workshop #2.2: How well is your sustainability data and technology working for you? Measure, manage, and innovate with intent

Trainer: Todd Fein, Chief Executive Officer, Green Diamond, LLC


To educate attendees how data and information technology can be harnessed for sustainability.

Target group

  1. Executives
  2. Managers and analysts responsible for sustainability
  3. Managers and analysts responsible for finance, procurement / supply chain, and facilities
  4. IT and other personnel

Training results

Attendees will gain an understanding of the integration, automation, visualization and reporting that information technology makes possible for sustainability.

Required knowledge

General work experience

Draft agenda

  • Introduction (~5 minutes)
  • What is Sustainability Intelligence? (~10 minutes)
  • Examples and Demonstration (~10 minutes)
  • Getting Started (~5 minutes)
  • Discussion (~15 minutes)