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Workshop #2.1: Resilience & Sustainability: The two sides of the same coin

Trainer: John Zeppos, FBCI Managing Director Resilience Guard GmbH


To sensitize, motivate and encourage individuals to start being proactive.

Target group

  • Mid / Top Level Managers, Directors, Board Members
  • Functions : Finance, Operations, Technology

Training results

Attendees will be able to understand the glossary and perception of Resiliency and Sustaibability, so as to enhance their corporate Strategy accordingly.

Required knowledge

  • University Level Degree
  • Familiar to Risk, Crisis, Recovery, Security, CSR or RI

Draft agenda

  • Toss it !
  • Risk Perception Interactive Exercise
    • Case study : Sandy
  • Best practices
  • Wishful Thinking Vs Reality
  • They both Bounce Back !