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Workshop #1.2: EY’s Total Value; Measurement and valuation of extra financial aspects of value creation

Trainer: Kiara Konti, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY


Rethinking the value paradigm

Over the last few decades, the factors the market takes into account when assigning a value to a company have adapted to reflect a shift in the way we think about an organization and its assets. Whereas once value was mostly based on tangible assets, capable of being easily counted and measured, there is now a much greater emphasis on the importance of intangible assets, such as brand, trademarks or patents.

Training results

Understanding total value

Total value and its effects on business value can only be managed by adopting a much broader notion of value creation that embraces social and environmental externalities as well as multiple forms of intangible assets.

Draft agenda

  • Rethinking the value paradigm
  • Understanding total value
  • Why do companies engage in measuring their total value?
  • Total value methodology
  • Is this journey for you?