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Workshop #3.2: Standards and certifications in sustainability

Trainer: Nikos Sifakis, Lead Auditor, TÜV Austria Hellas



The mission of this workshop is to familiarize participants with standards and certifications that exist in the sustainability field. The aim is to share the experience from TUV Austria Hellas lead auditors about audits and certifications in sustainability.

TÜV Austria Hellas team will present certifications and standards from Health and Safety to Quality Management and from Corporate Responsibility to Environmental Management.

Target group

Newcomers in the field, Quality Managers, CSR Managers (practitioners and experts), Sustainability Managers (practitioners and experts), Upper management, and students.

Training results

  • Better relate theory with practice.
  • Understand the requirements and the milestones for all certifications provided in CSR inside the organization (ISO 9001, ISO 26000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GRI etc).
  • Identify audit methods and tools for the certification of standards in management systems.
  • Provide practical approach to the subject matter through case studies.

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of standards such as Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001 and standards concerning CSR.