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Workshop #3.1: Carbon markets : The basic, the challenges, the opportunities

Trainer: Dr. Ioannis Pappas, Co-Founder & CEO, GREEN EVOLUTION


This course will provide a comprehensive overview of carbon markets, from their origins in global efforts to address climate change to the details of regional emissions trading programs. It offers a perfect balance between theory and practice, with ample opportunity for in-dept case studies and all your personal questions to be answered for Carbon Markets. Because it is a government-initiated market, carbon trading is largely under the influence of political developments and it is crucial that these are also understood. Also, this course will highlight different roles companies can play and what kind of strategies can be applied to the carbon markets. It will explore this new financial market, consisting of derivatives, futures, hedging, netting, swaps, etc. Moreover, you will see how this growing market is affected by the developments in oil and other commodity markets.

Target Group

  • Senior managers, lawyers, accountants and auditors who need to understand compliance with emissions regulations.
  • Technical and financial staff in companies with an emissions exposure
  • Managers with responsibility for trading desks
  • Professionals and industry member interested in carbon markets and carbon trading programs
  • New or experienced emissions, oil, gas, power and coal traders or brokers
  • Companies with carbon constraints as well as those companies that can generate project-based credits.

Training results

  • Comprehend the nature of carbon markets and their origins in global efforts to address climate change
  • Select the carbon offset program best suited for your organization
  • Identify the economic principles of emissions cap-and-trade policies
  • Use greenhouse gas emissions (i.e. carbon) as a tradable commodity
  • Analyze the regional carbon markets emerging in different parts of the world
  • Identify the financial, regulatory and competitive impacts of climate change regulation
  • Discuss a variety of risk factors that may impact financial performance and shareholder value
  • Contrast a cap and trade and carbon tax for reducing GHGs
  • Understand the carbon market and drivers of carbon prices
  • Identify the basics of a carbon strategy
  • Describe the role of carbon in financing an emissions offset project