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Workshop #1.2: Sustainability reporting assurance

Trainer: Dimitris Apostolidis,Supervising senior advisor, Advisory Climate Change & Sustainability, Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services, KPMG 

A growing number of companies look to external assurance providers to validate their sustainability reports. And while most cite enhanced credibility and reliability as the leading benefits from gaining external assurance, there is evidence that companies can gain significant internal benefits as well.

Assurance often provides opportunities to identify and drive process and performance improvements through the organization. But, the use of assurance has also provided opportunities for organizations to sharpen their sustainability reporting to deliver more value to management, customers, investors and stakeholders.

The aim of this workshop is to familiarize participants with the assurance process and how it can be critical to further improving data quality as well as corporate responsibility management and governance procedures.

Apart from that, participants will gain an understanding of the most common and important lessons learned from the implementation of an effective assurance engagement in conjunction with the role assurance plays towards stakeholders’ and investors’ appreciation of corporate value.