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Workshop #1.1: An introduction to CSR and sustainability

Trainer: Michael Spanos, Managing Partner, Global Sustain



Corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues are gaining more and more importance, especially in the business sector and due to the economic turmoil. Business financial success is inseparable from the societies and environments within which they operate. The failure to account for longer-term social and environmental impact makes business practices unsustainable. CSR and sustainability provide competitive advantage.

Workshop Objective

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the participant to CSR and sustainability issues, ensuring a cohesive definition of terms. The workshop allows participants to acquire relevant introductory knowledge that will help them and their organisations to better address social responsibility and sustainability concerns.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants are expected to meet the following learning objectives:

  1. To define and summarise the concepts of CSR and sustainability.
  2. Understand the market trends, initiatives and business developments in the field of CSR and sustainability.
  3. To assess comparative needs for CSR and sustainability; and
  4. To distinguish between the application of relevant issues in various practical situations.


This Learning course provides participants with (a) reading materials; (b) bibliography of references; (c) glossary of terms; (d) external links to internet resources; (e) one end-of-course quiz to test understanding. A Q&A session will also be available.

By the end of the course, participants will have a better understanding of the need for CSR and sustainability and be able to comprehend related definitions, policies and strategies.

There is an end-of-course quiz intended to help participants self-assess their level of comprehension. Participants who obtain a final score of at least 75% will be awarded a prize.

Targeted Audience

The workshop aims to address the needs of professionals in private companies, NGOs, organisations and governmental official who are currently involved in CSR and sustainability, or would like to be involved in, and wish to apply and embed the concepts of CSR and sustainability in their institution.