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Plenary session #1: Doing more with less and doing more with teams

Trainer: Dr. Bruce Piasecki, President & Founder, AHC Group, Inc.



Share the principles of Doing More with Less and the benefits of building a competitive advantage with innovation and growth through frugality in this swift and severe world of the 21st century. Combining this art of frugality with the strength found in teams leads to a higher level of success. Doing More With Teams explores what can be done to encourage a new form of competition so that organizations complete the challenges before them to drive growth and get results. It offers a new premise for the idea of teamwork and challenges the perception that individualism is the only way to wealth.

Target group

Upper management, investors and students.

Training results

Help firms compete on sustainability for the near future. Winning in the new century requires new ways of thinking. To unleash the power of teams, organizations need new skills and competencies. Critical skills training can shorten the learning curve and provide teams with a set of core competencies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on organizations.