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Workshop #2.2: Impact Entrepreneurs | Disruptive Businesses | Global 100’s

Trainer: Nadine Cino, CEO and co-Inventor, Tyga-Box and Tyga-Trax Systems


The objective of this workshop is to, in 2014 terms, define the meaning of Impact Entrepreneurs, their motivations behind disruptive business creation and the tools they harness to execute their plans as they develop disruptive technologies that:

(i) reduce resource demand (energy|water), (ii) increase supply (food|housing), (iii) create “green collar” jobs or just Innovate!

We will further explore the means by which disruptive business leaders communicate with and fulfill the strategies of Global 100’s, such as Innovation, CSR and/or Sustainability.

How will Global 100’s gain advantage by partnering with and/or assisting in the capitalization/incubation of Impact Entrepreneurs?

We will seek to define the impacts Innovation and green collar job creation can have on local and industrial levels.

Target Group

Global 100’s, Impact Entrepreneurs, NGO’s, business owners, academia.

Training Results

Attendees will gain a broadened perspective on the motivations and sound business reasons for Impact Entrepreneurs and Global 100’s to forge alliances in new ways in response to the planet’s mandate that we engage in behavior change to save our collective environment.

Draft Agenda

Case Studies of three (3) Impact Entrepreneurs (RocketHub, Reclaim! And Tyga-Box as possible candidates).

Summary of interviews with three (3) Global 100’s (Citi, Sprint, Chevron as possible candidates).

Define the impacts Innovation and green collar job creation can have at local socioeconomic levels and at broader industrial levels.