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Workshop #3.3: From cause marketing to making good marketing: Doing well by doing good for good reasons

Trainer: Thanos Belalidis, Partner and Head of Communication Services at Sympraxis Team


Can cause marketing be an asset to a business? Can it contribute to increased loyalty? Better stakeholder engagement? Employee satisfaction and performance?

In the past 5 years corporate giving initiatives have increased significantly throughout Greece. The ongoing economic crisis has driven an increasing number of companies to some degree of corporate giving. Usually by collaborating with an acknowledged NGO, providing money, voluntary time or making in kind donations. Not always successfully.

This shift can be attributed to a series of reasons such as getting sensitized due to the increasing numbers of those in need, increased public expectations from the corporate world but also expectations of strong marketing results due to the act of giving.The initiatives that are related to the latter can be categorized within the spectrum of cause marketing: cooperative efforts of a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit (Wikipedia).

Cause marketing is currently a growing trend not only in Greece but also throughout the world. According to College of Business at Illinois, cause marketing campaigns have risen in the States from $125m in 1990 to more than $1,5b in 2010.

The objectives of the workshop can be summarized to the following:

  • Investigating the opportunities that cause marketing offers specifically in a struggling economy
  • Investigating the ways that maximize the impact of cause marketing initiatives for every party that is involved, mainly society, the corporate donor and the NGO, local authority or other entity involved
  • Discuss the single principle that can create tremendous increase in results
  • Offer a fresh overview of cause marketing principles
  • Understand the ways local and international brands such as TOM’s shoes and COCOMAT create successful campaigns that include earned media time at no cost

Target group

Professionals that are involved or would like to be involved in:

  • CSR
  • Marketing, sales, corporate affairs
  • NGOs corporate fundraising

Training results

Participants are expected to:

  • Re-evaluate the principles of successful cause marketing
  • Understand the current Greek and international cause market trends

Draft Agenda

  • A short overview of cause marketing. From American Express renovating the Statue of Liberty to Tom’s shoes “1 for 1” model
  • Effective practices of cause marketing in Greece and the world: How can some initiatives make us cry?
  • Cause marketing vs making good marketing: From “what” to “why”
  • The shift from buying time in traditional media to free earned media
  • An approach to the principles of success in the Greek Market