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AstraZeneca Sustainability Programme

Speaker: Andrea Nance, MPH, RN, Sustainability Lead for Global Safety, Health and Environment, AstraZeneca 

Presentation Outline

  • Who we are: company background
  • Early journey: Community Investment and CSR early commitments
  • First “sustainability” launch: Global Sustainability function in 2015
  • Rationale and early ambitions
  • Building: first materiality assessment and launch of first report in 2016
  • Identifying gaps, aligning to SDGs, taking a leadership stance
  • Defining what sustainability means to a biopharmaceutical company
  • Evolving: building an updated strategy in a short period of time
  • Being bold: Launch of Making Science Accessible
  • Lessons learned and next steps

Key Takeaways

  • Developing a sustainability strategy is often a long journey, with many lessons learned, adaptations, and much research/collaboration
  • AstraZeneca’s journey is based on what our role is as a biopharmaceutical company: each industry has a unique approach
  • SDGs provide a compass on how to achieve a balanced approach to the most pressing global issues
  • We must collaborate, consult, listen, learn, and continue to grow to meet the challenges facing our industries and world today.