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Setting corporate targets in line with science and not with fiction: All you need to know about Science-Based Targets (SBTs)

Speaker: Marientina Laina, Consultant, Carbon Clear


• To delve into the corporate Science-based Targets (SBT)

• Explain why momentum is picking up around the SBT initiative with more than 340 leading companies having already committed

• Best practice from different sectors

• Risks and opportunities, how to build the internal business case

• What businesses need to know for setting SBTs and options for meeting their targets

Target group

Representatives of the business world (Sustainability/ESG Managers), sustainability professionals and policy makers from public sector, international organisations and NGOs, everyone interested in finding out more about this high-profile corporate practice

Training Results

It is anticipated that this session will:

• Build awareness and knowledge about SBTs

• Enable participants to understand steps for setting SBTs

• Helps participants to build an internal business case for SBTS

Required Knowledge  

Familiarity with the definition of different emission scopes (scope 1,2 and 3) as per the GHG Protocol Draft agenda

  • Is setting SBT becoming common business practice?
  • Momentum: Companies committed to SBT
  • How to set SBTs? Validation criteria, methods and how to get started
  • Best practice:
    • Approved targets
    • Case studies
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Why should your organisation care?