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Establishing External Councils at Major Firms: Ways to Integrate ESG, Social Brand and Social Response Capitalism

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Piasecki, President and Founder, AHC Group Inc. (

Talk based on his books New World Companies and World Inc. and the practice of his 52 Corporate Affiliates.

The 7 Business Values Enhanced by External Councils Are, in Our Limited Experience:

  1. Corporate mission and strategy more aligned and made consistent with global trends and social needs.
  2. They offer a way to maximize a firm’s positive impact on customers and communities.
  3. If a corporation is like a mansion in a neighborhood, these External Views, if selected with wisdom and experience, help firms assess their social worth more effectively beyond immediate jobs and markets.
  4. These groups of External Advisors can improve partnerships, and executive decision-making. We will talk about a few examples, if time permits
  5. These groups can help protect and enhance portfolio returns as they align with Environmental Social and Governance trends.
  6. Examples of Market Share growth in Toyota, Ingersoll Rand, others
  7. Helps strengthen brand and reputation.

In short Reputation + Social Response ==Improvements in Social Response Capitalism.

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