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SF Tour 2016

In collaboration with the company DEON TEAM, Global Sustain organized a two-day educational activity (Team-Networking Event), that combined theoretical knowledge with participatory experience and dynamic interaction.

October 8-9, 2016 – Mountainous Arcadia

“If you want to travel quickly, go alone, but if you want to travel far, you must go together.”

The idea

  • Expansion of relations between Global Sustain members and stakeholders
  • Communication enhancement aiming to the creation of strategic partnerships
  • Harnessing the power of a strong network to promote ideas and services
  • Exchange of views and information that operate in a catalytic manner for the progress of individual skills and competencies

The goals

  • Maximizing the efficiency of networking
  • Empowerment of intercompany relations
  • Upgrading of the collective consciousness and understanding
  • Promoting collaborative methods
  • Information from leading contributors

The solution

In times of global challenges, the need for cooperation and expanding business choices is essential.
Global Sustain provides an appropriate ground for companies that want to expand the scope of their action through dynamic partnerships.

“Invest in your team. Invest in your future. ”

Τhe activity
Team Networking Event!


  • Archotiko Kaltezioti, Kapsia Village of Mantinea, mountainous Arcadia.


  • 8 & 9 October 2016


  • Interactive Presentations
  • Experiential Education
  • Team Building Activities
  • Role Playing
  • B2B Meetings
  • Networking
  • CSR Activity