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Michael Spanos, Managing Director

"On the Assessment of ESG Risks in Banking, Investments and Insurance"

The latest developments in Sustainable Finance, Banking and Investments

During the pandemic, investments taking into consideration ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues outperformed the market. The EU has released all regulations with regard to ESG disclosures for investment firms and financial institutions.

The EU Taxonomy is already a regulation in force across all EU Member States and companies will need to disclose how they meet the technical criteria and disclosure requirements of the Taxonomy in order to be considered bankable and investable.How is the EU Taxonomy linked to the European Directive for Non-Financial Reporting (NFR)? What additional disclosures are requested from Public Interest Entities (PIEs)? Where will be able to locate the data? Which are the credible sources of ESG information? Multilateral development organisations do not invest and/or lend without compliance to specific Environmental and Social requirements/standards. What are those?

Commercial banks do not provide lending to corporations and SMEs without Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS). What are the main elements of a comprehensive ESMS? What are the latest numbers in Green Bonds issuance and Sustainability-Linked loans? Which are their prevailing frameworks and who provides assurance?

Learn about the specific steps to develop an ESG Strategy to meet both regulatory requirements as well as investors and financial institutions appetite for ESG risks.