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Ioannis Kallias, CEO

"Certified Sustainable Business in the era of Pandemic. Global megatrends and new challenges"

Private Certification Scheme “COVID Shield”


The Private Certification Scheme “COVID Shield” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with a focus on Health, Safety and Business Continuity. This is the first integrated Certification Scheme to increase the confidence of citizens and consumers to businesses, which apply and become certified with the Certification Scheme TÜV AUSTRIA COVID Shield.

Short description

The scheme sets out basic requirements and procedures that Organization must implement in order to receive “Covid Shield” certification, and which verify that an appropriate mechanism, adequate resources and proper infrastructure are always in line with current epidemiological guidelines for the provision of the prevention of the inflow or spread of corona virus disease, in the facilities of the Organization.

Detailed description

The Private Certification Scheme “Covid Shield” is addressed to all companies that due to their activities favor association, hospitality and generally have public gathering places and confirms that:

  • They take the necessary measures, implement the appropriate procedures and the appropriate practices by the competent authorities and the scientific community to prevent the transmission of the virus.
  • They provide the means and infrastructure needed to implement procedures and practices.
  • They have properly trained staff and are constantly updating their staff with training programs to follow the procedures and new instructions as they are informed by the National Health Organizations and other institutions (e.g. WHO).
  • They inform and guide all those who enter or are hosted in the business premises, in order to avoid the transmission of the virus.

It inextricably links responsibility, social consciousness and sensitivity, as well as the business ethics that govern an Organization with preventive actions and goals for:

  • Reducing the risk or minimizing the likelihood of the spread of corona virus disease
  • High-level prevention support against possible exposure (involuntary or voluntary) to corona virus
  • The management of possible cases of corona virus in an organized, direct and armored manner, based on the proposed published guidelines and instructions of the competent national (e.g. Ministry of Health) and international authorities (e.g. WHO) and co-responsible bodies, in relation to persons with whom they come into direct or indirect contact, such as employees, associates – suppliers, customers, visitors and other interested parties, in all phases of their daily transactions and operations, during the process of providing their products and / or services.

The Certification Scheme provides three different levels of “Covid Shield” certification (Principal, High or Excellent) based on the combination of the selected number of intermediate surveillance audits and the time interval prior to their notification implementation.

What is the certification process?

For the certification of each Organization according to the Certification Scheme “Covid Shield” the following steps must be followed:

  • Submission of the “Covid Shield” Certification Application to TÜV AUSTRIA
  • Acceptance of the financial terms and conditions of cooperation (contract and Certification Regulation)
  • Preparation of the Organization for the development and implementation of a systemic approach mechanism to meet the requirements of the Scheme
  • Scheduling and conduction of the audit
  • Certification of the Organization after the successful completion of an audit with three Certification Levels depending on the time intervals and the methodology implemented by the surveillance audits

Upon completion of the certification, continue monitoring of the compliance of the Organization depending on the level of certification

Which organizations are being addressed?

The Private Certification Scheme “Covid Shield” is addressed to all companies that due to their activities, favor association, hospitality and generally have public meeting places. Indicatively, in hosting companies (hotels, accommodation), catering, food preparation, processing and / or disposal companies, transport and supply chain companies, retail (supermarkets, shopping centers), sports and gymnastics services, public services, educational facilities, schools, facility management companies etc.

What are the certification benefits?

The option of Private Certification Scheme “Covid Shield” by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, provides the following:

  • Added value to each Organization through the reliability and strength that reflects our brand name and highlights its commitment to provide products and services that are protected from exposure to threats by the corona virus,
  • It strengthens the Organization’s strategy for developing a series of actions to raise awareness and safeguard a protected and vigilant microenvironment by the corona virus,
  • It actively contributes to increasing confidence to the consumer, visitor and all involved and interested parties.