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Do Well & Do Good: is it possible?

Speaker: Deppie Tzimea, Corporate Communications Executive Director, OTE Group

We live in a world where technology, innovation and digital transformation create new possibilities for humanity, while climate change, overpopulation, plastic pollution and humanitarian crisis across the globe set off a series of crucial impacts for the planet.

At these times, Sustainability has become a purpose driven strategy that illustrates how people and corporations can thrive and grow, while simultaneously contributing to solving some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

At OTE Group our vision is to create a better world for all, through technology and innovation. We believe that the right business focus is to drive change towards a more equitable society. We are confident that each one of us can make a difference and that is why we do business responsibly in every step of our work.

Our operational ecosystem is based on business models aiming to do well and to do good. Only through collective efforts and strong collaboration, can we make our business a catalyst for system-level change.