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Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability – Innovating for Better Worlds!

Speaker: Ilene C. Wasserman, President, ICW Consulting Group, Lead Executive Coach and Learning Director: McNulty Leadership Program at the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

Session Description:

Organizational scholars and practitioner operate from the belief that what we talk about is what we create.  Given that, how do we structure the most fruitful conversations to inspire commitment to sustainability and diversity.  In this presentation, we will explore lessons learned from change initiatives that seek to enhance diversity and the cultures that support inclusiveness.  We will reflect on what has worked well regarding the ways of talking about culture change and diversity and mine these patterns both for what can inform culture change and sustainability and how might these conversations support each other.  We will then look at the interconnections between diversity and sustainability initiatives.  We will share a model of change as well as a model that guides in seeing the relationships between what we hope for and are committed to, what we talk about and how we talk about it, and potential competing commitments that interfere with achieving our goals. People will come away with new insights into how to more effectively lead change in the areas of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.  

This session will be highly interactive. 

Target group:  C-Suite leaders with responsibility for Vision and Culture

Training results: Frameworks and capacity to lead inclusive and sustainable cultures

Required knowledge: Fundamental concepts in leadership development, culture and sustainability