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Putting Your Health And Safety First​

Coronavirus situation is constantly under development. Learn here how do we address pandemic risks, to ensure your safety and quality knowledge transfer at the same time.

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GEP SA, the leading company of Health & Safety in Greece, is fully supporting Global Sustain, in order to ensure that the “Sustainability Forum 2021” is being held with the maximum caution and care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Venue safety

Dedicated Health & Safety Advisors will perform audits and inspections prior to the event, evaluate the health protocols of the venue and design the exclusive health & safety plan of the event.

Throughout the Forum, authorized Health Advisors, will be responsible for the execution of the H&S plan and proceed to any urgent actions in case needed, based on the predesigned precaution measures against COVID-19. GEP will also contribute to the maximum efficiency of the hygiene protocols of the venue.

The Private Certification Scheme “COVID Shield” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with a focus on Health, Safety and Business Continuity. 

Private Certification Scheme “COVID Shield”

This is the first integrated Certification Scheme to increase the confidence of citizens and consumers to businesses, which apply and become certified with the Certification

The scheme sets out basic requirements and procedures that Organization must implement in order to receive “Covid Shield” certification, and which verify that an appropriate mechanism, adequate resources and proper infrastructure are always in line with current epidemiological guidelines for the provision of the prevention of the inflow or spread of corona virus disease, in the facilities of the Organization.


Delivering quality


Year after year we strive to make our event more responsible and help our markets become more sustainable. This year, health and safety is a priority as we want to deliver a safe experience for everyone involved!

Taking into account safety protocols due to COVID-19 pandemic, the event will take place in a hybrid format. Limited places will be available on site while all participants will be able to attend the sessions via live streaming. There will be a sanitation policy in place while seating will be adjusted according social distancing recommendations.

According law, all participants on site upon their arrival will have to demonstrate vaccination certificates or  recovery certificates of the last six months, in digital or print format.

VENUE: Health Protocols applied at the NJV Athens Plaza

NJV Athens Plaza 5* hotel remained in operation during the lockdown and welcomed visitors of Athens throughout this critical period, from mid-March until today, providing accommodation with the famous Greek hospitality, but also with the most demanding hygiene and safety procedures that were imposed now more than ever. The action plan is conformed by the recommendations of Greece’s public health organization – EODY. 

According to the plan, the hotel management has appointed a health coordinator to supervise that protocol is
being followed and a doctor on call who will act on the instructions of EODY for testing suspected cases of

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Check out the Covid Shield Policy developed for the Sustainability Forum

The Management of Global Sustain, wanting to combine the smooth development of the company’s activities in combination with the continuous care for the protection of public health against the Covid – 19 virus, has developed and implements a “Covid Shield” Management System for the conference entitled : “Sustainabiity Forum 2021” taking place on October 8, 2021 at the NJV Athens Plaza hotel.

In the context of the implementation of the above management system, the Management of the company is committed:

For the implementation of the management system “Covid Shield” in all the activities and facilities of the hotel which are involved in the work of the event and which are located at: Vassileos Georgiou A ‘2, Syntagma Square, 105 64 Athens.

  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements of the event and related to the protection of public health against the Covid – 19 virus
  • To evaluate the methods of development and execution of the activities of the event in order to reduce and / or eliminate the possibility of transmission of the virus during the execution of these activities.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure, human and logistical resources required for the operation of the event to be done in safe conditions for its customers, staff and partners and always in accordance with the relevant legislation for the protection of public health against Covid virus -19.
  • Ensure that each employee and associate realizes the important role that their own work and behavior plays in defending public health against Covid-19 and complies with this policy and the applicable Covid Shield system.

Based on these commitments, Global Sustain Management aims to:

  • Informing all stakeholders and partners about the company’s actions at this event, regarding the protection of public health against Covid – 19 and encouraging their compliance and participation in them.
  • Training and sensitization of the company’s staff in order to perform its tasks and in full compliance with the rules observed by the hotel hosting the event for the protection of public health from the Covid – 19 virus.
  • Informing customers about the company’s actions regarding the protection of public health against Covid – 19 and encouraging them to comply and participate in them.

In order to monitor the correct implementation of the “Covid Shield” management system, the Management has set and monitors at regular intervals the following Indicators:

  • Training of all staff in collaboration with GEP
  • Number of problems with external providers
  • Number of non-compliances from internal and external inspections.

This policy applies to all activities / activities that take place within the hotel facilities and to all stakeholders involved and / or influenced by the operation of the event. The policy is applied without interruption throughout the hours and operating period of the event (09:00 am – 17:30 pm). It has also been renewed and revised by the Management, in order to comply with current developments and to be always up to date according to the guidelines, available from the competent authorities.

The Covid Shield Policy is available to all interested parties regarding the operation of the company upon request and through its website.