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GEP Group

George Lambrinos, President & CEO

"Guidance on Health and Safety and best practices on pandemic policy"

This Forum opening presentation is a journey of experience on how companies have faced the phases of pandemic so far.

GEP, the leading company of Health & Safety in Greece, is supporting more than 250,000 employees all over the country and has been an advisor to companies and broader community from day 1 of the pandemic. Supporting people with knowledge and scientific credibility on every challenging need in this new era of the unknown, was the driving force for everyone in the company.

One thing is for sure, Health and Safety has become a crucial strategic pillar for all organizations worldwide that ensures business continuity, sustainability and prosperity by any means. In this presentation George Lambrinos will guide you through the key factors that can determine a successful health and safety plan nowadays, based on best practices and global trends of the industry.